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Empowering youth with the essential skills for success

The different programs below can be offered in a two-hour learning session, a half-day immersive workshop for four hours, or a full eight-week program. Customization per school site is an option.

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Speak Up, Speak Out! is designed to teach presentation, public speaking, and communication skills to young adults in an effort to amplify their voice and viewpoints on today's current global challenges. Through crafting and delivering a 3-minute speech on a topic chosen from the United Nations 17 Global Goals about which they are most passionate, this program offers students a platform and opportunity to make an impact and spread awareness using their unique voice!


Every student that participates in the Speak Up, Speak Out! program, will be eligible to apply to participate in our annual Next Generation Speaks competition. During the competition, students will be able to apply the skills they learned through this workshop for an opportunity to win scholarships and prizes.

Program Outcomes:

  • Develop professional presentation skills

  • Sharpen their speech crafting skills

  • Learn and develop effective speaking skills and techniques

  • Understand the importance of non-verbal communication

  • Learn and apply different speaking personas

  • Develop proper research standards and understand the UN's 17 Global Goals

  • Learn how to overcome speaker anxiety

  • Develop their personal brand


1st Place Scholarship Winner, 2020

2nd Place Scholarship Winner, 2020



Today in the 21st century, there is a particular crisis amongst young adults as it relates to self-confidence. Young men and women from all socioeconomic backgrounds struggle with feeling enough, positive decision-making, and overall self-esteem. The Rise Up For You Worldwide Team has recognized the top four challenges for students:

The great news is confidence can be developed through proven evidence-based strategies, which means that we can close the confidence gap, especially among underrepresented youth.

  • Not feeling good enough or afraid that they don't bring enough value to people

  • Sticking up for themselves and making positive decisions for long-term success instead of "fitting in with the crowd"

  • Feeling unsure about life and where to go after school—often due to societal pressures and social media programming

  • Finding it difficult to say no when needed and yes when a positive opportunity arises

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn strategies to increase overall confidence

  • Develop practical techniques to boost confidence

  • Identify their own value and self-worth through strength-building and achievement exercises

  • Actively practice and develop optimism

  • Gain the ability to make more responsible decisions

  • Develop and apply personal compassion

Uplifted Youth


The most successful individuals are the ones who adapt their thoughts and communication around the key elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Experts contend that EI is more important than the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and actually accounts for 80% of success. According to Daniel Goleman, the preeminent expert of EI, Emotional Intelligence helps build and maintain healthy personal and professional thoughts, actions, and relationships.


EI: Skills for Success is designed to support and provide students with information, strategies, and resources to build social and emotional intelligence for academic, personal, and future success. Through this transformative program, we provide students with an engaging curriculum and understanding around self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, as well as dive into the 18 sub-competencies that affect our interpersonal behaviors.

Program Outcomes:

  • Understand the 5 pillars of Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn how to actively label, describe, and process emotions effectively

  • Obtain a better understanding of social awareness and how emotional triggers affect communication and behaviors with others

  • Gain practical techniques for managing stress and time

  • Foster and develop diversity, inclusion, and tolerance among peers

  • Discover the key concepts of empathy

  • Create and nurture deeper and more connected relationships

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 6.24.56 PM.png
Hands Up


The Let’s Rise Leadership program helps students uncover their leadership strengths and areas of improvement for school, community, and peer engagement. Students will learn strategies and techniques to become inspirational leaders who can engage, inspire, and help others to do the same. They will be tasked with building a positive, personal culture defined by collaboration and commitment in their community as well as on their school campus.

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn the most effective forms of communication

  • Learn and practice how to effectively work with others

  • Explore ways of providing community service

  • Discover what it means to be an inspirational leader

  • Understand how to handle and work through conflict

  • Discover ways they can be a mentor to their peers

  • Understand the importance of respect and perspective when working with a team


For questions and more information on our programming, contact us:


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