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Every penny, every hour, every helping hand matters!

Every dollar counts and we're grateful for any amount you give to support today's youth in preparing them with the life skills that matter! Here are some options for you:

  • Life Changer: $300 sponsors one student for half a year of programming. That's 48 hours of curriculum, 24 hours of face-to-face mentorship with our team, and an invaluable experience that will last a lifetime. 

  • School Advocate Changer: $7,500 sponsors one school for an entire year with the implementation of the  Rise Up For You Club. That's a full year of the curriculum taught in collaboration with a school site educator, four student-led on-campus projects engaging the entire student body, and 40 hours of mentorship from our team throughout the year. 

  • Community Game Changer: $15,000 sponsors one district (three schools) for half a year of programming led by the Rise Up For You Worldwide team. That's 16 weeks of programming, 32 hours of face-to-face mentorship with our team, and an invaluable program that positively impacts the students, schools, and community. 

Our way of giving back to you when you donate at any of the above levels:

  • Full profile of the student you supported. 

  • Growth chart that shows how the student or school developed over time with our programming. 

  • Free seats to our bi-yearly gala.

  • A small token of our appreciation delivered straight to you. 

  • School and Community changers receive a meet and greet and photo opt with their school and community leaders. 

Our mission is bigger than us. Help us serve today's youth with your donation today!

Your time is never taken for granted and we appreciate your interest in helping us serve! We're always looking for helping hands and skill-based volunteers. ​Here are some ways you can offer your time and get involved. 

  • Workshop Volunteer: Join in on the action with our students by supporting our team trainers with class management, facilitation, and additional on-site or virtual technical support. 

  • Special Events: Each year we host three major community events; Next Generation Speaks, The We Connect Leadership Summit, and the Give to Our Future Gala. We need volunteers who love to set-up events, take pictures, greet guests, and mingle while creating a flawless and smooth event. 

  • Skills Based Volunteer: Are you an expert or highly qualified in a skill that can support our mission? Here's where we can use your support!

    • Social Media Growth​

    • Corporate Partnerships for Social Responsibility

    • Community and School Outreach 

    • Brand Exposure and Awareness

Our way of giving back to you when you donate more than 50 hours a year:

  • Free seats to our gala.

  • A small token of our appreciation delivered straight to you. 

  • Certificate and social recognition for your ​valuable time and service.

We're always looking for qualified mentors who are educated and experienced in soft skills competencies. Become a mentor and directly give back to today's youth by sharing your knowledge and empowering them to be their best through our programming. To apply to be a mentor, here's our process. 

  • Online application: Our team will review this and invite you to the next steps if you are approved. 

  • After Approval: 12 hours of brand and teaching methods training with the founder. 

  • Shadowing: 48 hours of shadowing and observing the core team.

Our way of giving back to you when you complete the above:

  • Free seats to our gala.

  • An opportunity to come on board and work with us for compensation. 

To learn more contact: dakota@riseupforyou.com or call us at: 949-229-0208

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